Politiskt korrekt

politiskt-korrekt01bGalleri Konstepidemin in Göteborg. It consists of a 220X180 cm large grey painting, a 195 min long video and an armchair.


The video is real-time, in which I attach my old photos to the wall, paint them with blue, yellow, red and black and finally white so the painting becomes grey. Whiledoing this, you can hear me telling the story of The Phantom (a comic hero, who lives in the jungle) in Swedish, Finnish, German and English. Why the story of The Phantom? The answer is; Because he is politically correct, but then again not. I am telling the true story of The Phantom. However I have given it a western imperialistic touch.

The painting in the video is the same painting as on the wall in the installation. The video, monitor, armchair and the painting form a closed circuit. The length of the video is also a reflection of video art today, which often demands a lot of time to understand. Since the video is 195 minutes long anyone understands that you can come back later and watch another sequence.