Casper David Friedrich

caspar-david-friedrich28Casper David Friedrich was first exhibited at Sörmlands museum, Nyköping art hall, Sweden, 1999 and later in 2005 in the exhibition Platform in Graz. e.V., Regensburg, Germany. It consists of a triptych, Caspar David Friedrich: Blau, – Normal, – Braun, and a video, Caspar David Friedrich Film. Each picture is 300X115 cm and, the video is five min.


The pictures are contact prints of a positive computer printout, which consists of 77 A4 sheets (therefore the grid). Caspar David Friedrich Braun is the contact print of Caspar David Friedrich Blau.


In the video I am naked walking on a rocky beach with a tree on my back. I set the tree upright and try to light it on fire, but fail. The only sound in the video is a piano piece by Beethoven.

By being naked I am trying to become one with nature, but instead I am cold, and I have difficulties walk on the stones. When I at last manage to light the tree on fire, it only goes out again. My intention was really to burn up the tree. The photographs are the result of my failure; it is the same place and the same tree as in the video.

Casper David Friedrich